March 2019 - Cashmere, Silk Fashion Blog
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Cashmere and silk factories, Cashmere Factory / 22.03.2019

Ever wanted to buy cashmere clothing but have been put off by the price? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Often, people completely disregard the option because they feel as though they have to break the bank just to get their hands on the luxurious material. Luckily, you’re in the right place because I’m going to explain the benefits of second-hand cashmere. These days, cashmere is a material available in a number of different products but...

Cashmere and silk factories, Cashmere Factory / 16.03.2019

How Small and Medium-Sized Cashmere Brands Can Reduce Cashmere Product Costs Isn't cashmere great? As a seller of high-quality products yourself, you’ll know the value of cashmere and how consumers have been loving this material for many years. Even as other materials come and go, cashmere always seems to remain in the mind of consumers, this is why we’re bringing this fantastic guide to you today. there’s one factor that often puts off fashion designers, importers,...