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Cashmere Care
Cashmere Care
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Cashmere Care – Expectation Vs Reality

The most expensive product in your autumn /winter wardrobe is perhaps the lovely cashmere sweaters, scarves, coats, and many more. The cashmere is always referred as the highly expensive material that must be handled with great care. It is a kind of wool that has been obtained from a soft undercoat of Cashmere goat. The wool from the Cashmere goats is being especially combed to get the luxurious under fibers which are tediously woven into fine and costly woolen products. Being a costly and difficult process of obtaining cashmere wool, it is highly expensive and is not only extremely warm and fine in texture but also very light weight wool. Cashmere wool is used to create the fabulous sweaters, tops, scarves, and clothing material. It is also utilized in manufacturing lavish throws, blankets and decorative pillows.
Being a highly expensive natural fiber, the cashmere is very sensitive kind of wool that loses its original texture, beauty and shape if mishandle it during washing, drying and pressing. As we invest a large amount on the costly cashmere products, we need to be careful in washing and keeping them for the next many use. If you take good care of them, the cashmere products last longer and look as fine as they were on the day one. But a little mishandling and improper washing can cause damage to them and all your investment goes down to drain. Here we share all the important tips and tricks to take great care of Cashmere products.
The usual instruction tag over any cashmere product says to dry clean it but it is a very time taking and expensive way of getting it cleaned. The reality is that you can hand wash the cashmere material carefully without damaging it at all. There are a number of things that you must keep in mind while hand washing cashmere products. Follow these steps to get the clean and fresh as new cashmere products.
Step.1- Luke Warm water

The temperature of the water used to hand wash the cashmere is very important. The too much hot water can cause damage to the cashmere fiber while the cold water will not clean it properly. Ideally, the 35 Degree Celsius is the right temperature for washing the cashmere.
Step. 02 – Use Wool / Cashmere Detergent or Shampoo

The detergent or shampoo for washing Cashmere must be carefully selected as the highly chemical based detergent proves harsher on the Cashmere clothes. You must opt to use low alkaline and gentle shampoo or detergent for washing your Cashmere sweaters, shawls or scarves etc. There is specific cashmere or wool detergents also available in the market too, you can use that too. A small amount of this detergent is enough for cleaning; the experts usually recommend one spoon per gallon is enough. Swirl the detergent with your hand to disperse it evenly in the water before dipping the cashmere product in it.
Step. 03 – Mix the special Detergent In Water Completely

Dispersing the detergent evenly into the water is also very important because it needs to be blended well to provide perfect cleaning of the fabric. If the detergent is not mixed completely it can cause damage to some parts of the cashmere clothes.
Step. 04 – Water should be of Just the Rightly Needed Temperature

While dipping and gently scrubbing the cashmere material with your hands, you must observe how the warmth of the water affects the fabric. Put a corner of the Cashmere sweater in the white towel and press it. If it fades, add a little more cold water and if it doesn’t fade add a little more hot water to maintain the balanced and required water temperature.
Step. 05- Wash Cashmere Clothes According to their Colors
It is very important to wash light colors and dark colors separately. The dye of the cashmere can be removed a little and if washed together, the dark colored clothes can damage the light colored ones. Therefore always to choose to wash light and dark colored cashmere garments separately. Better option is to wash each cashmere garment individually.
Step.06 – Don’t Pull, twist or Stretch
You must rub and rinse Cashmere fiber in very mild manner. Too much scrubbing, pulling or stretching can destroy the original shape of the clothes. Rub them very gently without twisting or stretching them to maintain the original shape and beauty.
Step. 07 – Knead and wash for Shorter Time

You must knead and wash the Cashmere garments in mild detergent water for not more than 4 to 5 minutes. The longer you dip or knead it; it can lose its shape and quality. The cashmere fiber gets cleaned up very quickly and you don’t need to over wash it.
Step. 08- Rinse and Clean With Cold Water

After 4 to 5 minutes of gentle rubbing you can clean off the soap or detergent with the cold water. You must use plenty of water to clean up the entire detergent residue off the Cashmere clothes. Keeping dipping and rinsing it in cold water until you don’t see any foam while gently squeezing the fiber. If there is any soap residues remain left in the cashmere garment, it can cause serious damage and destroy its softness and beauty.
Step. 09- Remove The Excess Water Off

Gently roll the cashmere sweater into a ball and squeeze it in mild manner. You can press it against the washing tub or basin to release the water from it in the shape of a rolled ball. This will remove all the excess water off the Cashmere clothes and make it light weighted. If you try to twist it for removing water, you may cause a serious damage to its shape and texture. While the hanging a wet and dripping Cashmere can also get damaged easily.
Step.10- Use Clean White Towel To Dry Cashmere

Put a clean and light colored (preferably white) towel, which is large enough to accommodate the cashmere cloth, on a flat surface and lay the garment on the top of the towel. Gently smooth out all the excess water and wrinkles and press it in the form of roll to make the towel absorb the left-over water.

Step.11- Net or Shelf Dry

Put the Cashmere Sweater on the drying net or shelf dry it to preserve its original shape and beauty.

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