Silk dress factory mainly export to Europe market
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Cashmere and silk factories, Cashmere Factory / 16.03.2019

How Small and Medium-Sized Cashmere Brands Can Reduce Cashmere Product Costs Isn't cashmere great? As a seller of high-quality products yourself, you’ll know the value of cashmere and how consumers have been loving this material for many years. Even as other materials come and go, cashmere always seems to remain in the mind of consumers, this is why we’re bringing this fantastic guide to you today. there’s one factor that often puts off fashion designers, importers,...

Cashmere and silk factories, Cashmere Factory / 11.02.2019

If you’re looking to start making or working with cashmere products, you’ve made a great decision and your customers will only love you for it. As we all know, cashmere is a brilliant material that not only offers reliability but also comfort. Whether made into a sweater, a scarf, or even a men's gilet, the material will not go unappreciated and it offers luxury cashmere clothing for those who want to add something special to...