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How Small and Medium-Sized Cashmere Brands Can Reduce Cashmere Product Costs

How Small and Medium-Sized Cashmere Brands Can Reduce Cashmere Product Costs

Isn’t cashmere great? As a seller of high-quality products yourself, you’ll know the value of cashmere and how consumers have been loving this material for many years. Even as other materials come and go, cashmere always seems to remain in the mind of consumers, this is why we’re bringing this fantastic guide to you today.

there’s one factor that often puts off fashion designers, importers, wholesalers, and entrepreneurs – the price. However, we’ve come up with a solution that should put an end to this concern. With this strategy, the cost of production decreases and this can be passed onto the consumer in the shape of lower prices.

How Does it Work?

Essentially, we want to look for a global partner to build a cashmere and silk platform where small and medium-sized brands can purchase high-quality material from a global cashmere producer. Regardless of where you’re located, regardless of your size, regardless of your history in the industry, we have a passion for bringing REAL cashmere to the consumer. Rather than cheating and selling fakes, we need your help to sell real cashmere and silk, this platform will allow the industry to keep the quality of cashmere products high.

With our group purchasing cashmere yarn plan, small and medium companies can come together and purchase high-quality materials for a reduced cost. Not only do we want to focus on money, but we also believe in supporting young knitting wear designers so they gain knowledge of this niche; we believe in education for up-and-coming stars in the fashion industry. With no cheating and no selling fakes, we believe in an industry where people can distinguish between real silk/cashmere and fakes.

Today, we’re going to explain some of the benefits of choosing to join our plan and how you can reduce cashmere product costs!

1: Matching the MOQ (100kg)

Have you ever researched ordering from the major brands only to find that they have a huge MOQ (minimum order quantity) that you just won’t be able to fulfill? If so, you aren’t alone because thousands of other small and medium-sized companies have been in the same position. Immediately, they feel disappointed and are forced into a more expensive solution (or they give up on the idea entirely!).

We’re trying to eliminate this problem by providing a platform for small and medium-sized to meet and order large quantities as a group. Even if you only want small amounts of the material, with enough support and organization, we’ll still be able to meet the 100kg per colour minimum requirement.

What does this mean for the cost? Rather than seeking more expensive solutions (or those nasty fakes!), you can reduce the cost of acquiring the material and then pass some of the savings down to the consumer. Instantly, you’re a more attractive proposition and your service will be more competitive in the market.

Furthermore, we can organize dying the cashmere yarn following the international standard colour card thanks to our 20 years of experience in the industry. In the past, we’ve spent time collecting cashmere and exporting to Nepal. Therefore, this means we can do more than just help you order cashmere. In addition to this, we can provide advice and support for small brands attempting to promote a brand in the huge Chinese market – this leads us nicely onto the second benefit of teaming up with us (and others in your position).


2: Reducing Marketing Costs

In addition to reducing the cost of the actual material, we also have a plan to reduce SEO SNS marketing costs too. How? Well, rather than each brand functioning separately and having to find costs for themselves, we plan to select brands from different countries and have them share SEO SNS marketing expenses.

If you’re a small business, perhaps you’re the only employee, for the time being, you’ll know just how difficult it is to spread your time equally. Often, small businesses only have time to complete the bare basics and this means tasks like marketing are forgotten. With us and our group plan service, we build an environment where brands grow together and share costs together too.

Let’s face it, digital marketing expenses are only getting higher. As more and more brands launch, the competition for customers is getting tougher and most small businesses can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars on an extensive digital marketing strategy. As a result, we have professional digital experts available for support and you’ll be able to share the cost with other brands.

3: Organizing Production

For all qualifying Asian makers and professionals (listed below!), we can organize the whole process and ensure you get the most for your money. For example, we will inspect all goods after making the order and then ensure the shipments are sent to the group as quickly and efficiently as possible. With this in mind, you can organize your own production and not a single hour will be wasted.

4: Reliable and High-Quality cashmere production quality
As you would have seen from this guide, we have a passion for real cashmere and this will be reflected in the brand with which we choose to work. For example, they’re likely to be an overseas brand who has significant marketing influence in domestic and foreign markets. Additionally, with advantage purchasing Quantity of cashmere collections, we can easily organize cashmere factories that have experience in dealing with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

For example, one well-known factory is the vendor of many brands including H&M. With over 4,500 stores around the globe and revenue of over $25 billion in 2016 alone, H&M is a huge brand and, if a factory is good enough for them, it will be more than sufficient for our own needs.

Of course, H&M can afford to pay thousands (and the rest!) per year and more on cashmere and other materials. Meanwhile, young entrepreneurs and small companies don’t have these kinds of resources…but you do when working together. By teaming up and placing large orders between yourselves, with one distributor for each country, you’ll receive your cashmere and silk within good time and it’ll be like ordering any other material for your business.

5: We Can Help YOU

While on this note, we should talk about the type of brands we plan to help. So far, we’ve focused heavily on entrepreneurs trying to get their name out into the world. However, we believe this strategy could be useful for the following too;

•Wholesalers and Importers – Whether offline or online, wholesalers and importers in need of high-quality silk and cashmere can join up with other businesses.

•Fashion Designers – Fashion designers work with all sorts of materials, but we don’t feel they should have to avoid cashmere or silk. For those who want to think outside the box and really design something the public and industry will love, this plan will be the all-important first step.

•Entrepreneurs – As we’ve mentioned previously, entrepreneurs in e-commerce or marketing managers are welcome to join our journey. Even if you’re a small seller on eBay or Amazon producing high-quality garments in your spare time, we believe you’ll get value from our propose

If you’ve ever wondered how certain sellers have cashmere products at an affordable price, hopefully you’re now seeing how it all works.

Join Our Group and Reduce Product Costs Today

If you want to reduce the cost of producing your cashmere products, or perhaps you finally want to start working with REAL cashmere for the first time, we urge you to get in touch with us today. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message and we’ll do our best to get back to you quickly.

To finish, let’s summarise some of the main reasons our group purchasing cashmere yarn plan will be a benefit to your brand. We can;

•Help you to obtain real cashmere and silk for a more affordable price
•Help to reduce your marketing costs significantly
•Offer full support in various matters
•Allow you to order high-quality cashmere from experienced factories like our one!
•Reduce your stock risk (our own online store can help with distributor’s stock clearance)
•Inspect all incoming goods and arrange shipment for you

Choose our fantastic plan today!

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