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cashmere factory

How to Find the Best Cashmere Factory

If you’re looking to start making or working with cashmere products, you’ve made a great decision and your customers will only love you for it. As we all know, cashmere is a brilliant material that not only offers reliability but also comfort. Whether made into a sweater, a scarf, or even a men’s gilet, the material will not go unappreciated and it offers luxury cashmere clothing for those who want to add something special to their wardrobe.


However, for many years, the same problem has existed for drop shipping companies and other brands alike; finding a reliable cashmere factory. How do you find the best cashmere factories? How can you be sure that you aren’t going to receive a poor product…or even poor customer service? Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list of the most important factors you should consider before spending any money.


  1. Experience


First and foremost, you should be looking for experience (and this is true for every business you interact with in life). When we need financial help, we look for accountants with experience. When trying to get healthy, we choose a personal trainer with experience. When looking for legal advice, we choose a lawyer with experience. Why should this be any different when looking for cashmere or silk distributor?


When it comes to making cashmere products, we recommend looking for a factory that has at least five years of experience. While we’re going to look at exactly why experience is important in just a moment, we should first explain that it plays a particular role in cashmere knitting wear because this material is all about quality. If you’ve got an inexperienced facility handling your cashmere, they aren’t going to be able to guarantee the same level of quality as a company who has been in the industry for many decades.


For example, an experienced factory will know how to control the wash temperature, the iron process, how the material should feel at every stage of the process, how to control (and limit) the loss of raw material, and managing the pilling rate. If just one of these aspects is incorrect, the service you receive isn’t going to be as good. If they aren’t able to reduce raw material loss, for example, the prices will be driven upwards and you’ll be paying more for the same service.


Why is Experience Important?


  • Knowledge – Firstly, the factories with experience will have made mistakes because, well, everybody makes mistakes. However, experience allows businesses to learn. If you were to choose a newer factory, they won’t have made these mistakes and it could leave you with a poorer service. With experience, they’ve seen changes in the market and they know how to overcome challenges.


  • Adaptability – Following on from the previous point, experienced facilities can adjust and adapt to different environments. Whether it’s new laws regarding employment or a struggling economy, those with experience will know exactly what they have to do to survive (and keep your own business supplied with high-quality materials!).


  • Organization – Even with smaller things like keeping paperwork and having a proper ordering system, experience in the industry can be pivotal. Would you rather work with a service who uses a real ordering system or one who relies on bits of scrap paper to take your orders?


  • Customer Service – Although there will be more on this topic later, experience can also bring an improved understanding of what services like yourself require.


  1. Stable Cashmere Fleece Supplier Chain


Of course, the factory will be supplying you with the cashmere…but who will be the source for their own supply? If they haven’t got a reliable cashmere fleece supplier chain, you won’t get the service you need regardless of whether they have experience and are able to adapt, be organized, offer customer service, etc.


When looking for the best cashmere factory, there are two factors to consider;




Firstly, you need to be sure they have access to high-quality raw material. If they’re working with the best suppliers and can offer natural silk fabric and real cashmere, you can be confident in their service. If they aren’t using the best sources of cashmere yarn, you should be looking elsewhere for your factory.




Sure, they might be able to get a brilliant cashmere fleece supplier chain, but can they get it consistently? After choosing a factory, the last thing you want is for them to change suppliers within two weeks. Therefore, the facility should have a long-standing relationship with a reliable supplier. This way, you can receive the best product time after time. Even when the industry changes and there are tough times ahead, the steady supply of raw material continues.


Top Tips


In our experience, the best way to secure the best cashmere yarn is to make sure the factory understands the difference between fake cashmere and real cashmere. As you’ll know (if you’ve read one of our guides before), we’re big advocates of REAL cashmere and we’ll often post useful guides and resources on our website. For example, we’ve even posted a guide on how to distinguish the difference between real and fake cashmere and it’s something we’re passionate about.


If you’re just as passionate about this topic, make sure you choose a factory that understands the differences just as well as us. If you’re not sure about a particular facility, there’s no reason why you can’t ask them about luxury cashmere clothing, natural silk fabric, China silk fabric, and other topics directly.


  1. Knitting Wear Factory v Cashmere Factory


Often, while making this decision, people will feel nervous and choose a knitting wear factory. They think ‘surely a knitting wear factory is reliable in cashmere products, right?’. While some certainly can get it right, most of them won’t and this is why you need to be careful. While researching potential factories, don’t just assume that knitting wear factories can provide high-quality cashmere products.


If you’re wondering why this is the case, we’ve found that knitting wear factories can make cashmere feel a little stiff. At first, you might not think this is a major problem but it actually takes away from everything that cashmere offers. When it comes to cashmere, the reason we all love the material is because it’s soft, it feels great while being worn, and it’s durable so should last for a number of years. When cashmere comes out stiff, it loses the essence of real cashmere.


With this in mind, we recommend ordering a test product from the factory you plan to use. Soon enough, you’ll have one of their products in your hands and you can test how it feels. If you decide to test a knitting wear factory and it feels stiff upon arrival, you can politely decline and move on to the next potential factory.


  1. Customer Service and General Care  


Finally, although we mentioned it briefly in the ‘Experience’ section, we feel this deserves some attention of its own because it’s an important characteristic that your chosen factory will need. How approachable is the factory? Do they welcome your interest? Are they happy to answer your questions and offer solutions to problems? Will they be willing to go the extra mile to meet your requests? If you find a factory that fulfills all of these requirements, they’ll make a great partner in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


On the other hand, you shouldn’t partner up with another business when they’re rude, unwilling to meet your demands, or just generally aren’t approachable. What happens when your product arrives (to you or your client) and it isn’t up to scratch? Rather than a factory that doesn’t answer your calls, you should have a facility that explains both what happened and what they’ll do to fix the problem.


Finding a Factory with a Great Customer Care Team


In truth, we think it starts with the very first conversation (whether this is on the phone, by email, or in person). If you’re within close proximity with the factory, why not pay them a visit and see how accommodating they are? Let’s not forget, you have the option to go elsewhere so they should be willing to impress during your visit.


Over the coming days, pay close attention to how quickly they reply to emails, whether or not they answer the phone, etc. If they aren’t being useful while you’re making the decision, this will only get worse once you’re actually working together.


Choosing Our Group Buying Plan


Before we summarize this useful guide, we should bring your attention to our fantastic cashmere group buying plan. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses who aren’t able to ship large quantities of high-quality materials, and therefore can’t meet the minimum shipping orders, we offer you a platform to meet like-minded people and team up to fulfil the quota. Once we receive the large order, we’ll check the quality and split the order up before distributing to you and other brands.


Rather than deciding against cashmere or looking for a more expensive solution, our platform allows you and other small to medium-sized brands to obtain the high-quality materials you want (and deserve!). If you get time, feel free to research more about our brilliant service. Depending on your goals, we may even be able to help with your storefront and growing your brand in the larger markets.




There we have it, four considerations when attempting to find the best luxury cashmere clothing factory. Whether you want to start a clothing brand or even if you’re simply planning to start a drop shipping business, these factors will need to be considered carefully. If your chosen factory doesn’t have experience, doesn’t have a reliable cashmere fleece supplier chain, isn’t able to provide high-quality cashmere, and has poor customer service, it won’t be long before problems arise.


As a special note for drop shipping services, you’ll also want to test their distribution. Since you’re focusing on the selling side alone, you need to partner with a factory that can distribute effectively. These days, customers aren’t willing to wait so long for their orders so this is a pivotal consideration when drop shipping. If they can send out products in good time and with high-quality packing materials, you’ll be in great hands for the future.


All things considered, we wish you good luck and hope you can find the cashmere you (and your clients) deserve!

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