Is organza a natural silk material?
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IS Organza a natural silk material?

Organza is a kind of silk…

Organza has a name called silk voile silk gauze, A kind of silk. A thin and transparent fabric stiffness. It is the 5.5 General specifications of yarn fabric, is a very thin silk fabrics, basically , other silk thickness are 8, 10, 12 MM, 14 MM.

Because Organza is a raw silk, the texture will be hard and will not touch the skin directly. It can be used to cover the outside of the dress or load the skirt. If you want to make clothes directly, you must add lining inside. Another important use of Organza  yarn is to make wedding dresses.

In addition, the life span of Organza is shorter because Organza yarn is texture stiffness, so that will be hard to remove if it is with crease.  It is easily blew due to relatively thin.

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