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Cashmere, Silk Fashion Blog cashmere factory,Cashmere sweater factory,Nepal cashmere factory,ladies silk dress factory,Natural silk dress factory
cashmere factory,Cashmere sweater factory,Nepal cashmere factory,ladies silk dress factory,Natural silk dress factory
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Silk Factory / 15.11.2018

Silk is rare and luxurious, and every woman love to own several items prepared of silk. As the metaphor of soft and smooth silk is used to describe the ravishing beauty of a woman; almost every other woman wants to feel as sexy as silk. Especially the undergarments made up of pure silk feel like a true luxury and almost every lady owns several lingerie made up of silk. Apart from other silk undergarments, sex...

Silk Factory / 17.09.2018

No matter if it’s some special occasion, formal event or the wedding preparation, the pure and luxurious silk is the part of everyone’s dream shopping. The dreamy soft and fine silk fabric looks extremely gorgeous and tempting in almost any kind of clothing item, but do you know that the silk available in the market, with the heavy price tags, can be fake! This may turn out to be shocking news for many but it’s...

Silk Factory / 17.09.2018

Organza is the most popular fabric in the fashion world for the making of gorgeous silk dresses for women or women silk dressing gowns. Even though the fashion trends and styles keep on changing but the fabulous fabric organza mixed with the silk fabric has always been utilized in making the newest and stunning clothing items. What is Organza? Organza is a fabric which is extensively used by the designers for creating dresses, gowns, evening party dresses...

Silk Factory / 07.09.2018

7 reasons China silk products are best in the world Silk production is one of the most booming industries in the world, but the primary manufacturing of this fabric is conducted in Asia, specifically China. Most of the Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and India depend heavily on export of pure silk for the wellbeing of their countries economy. Since the focus of silk production is skewed towards the Asian countries, the labor, hard work and...