Detail about China silk pillow
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silk pillow


Chinese Silk Pillow

Why silk fabric is expensive ?

Silk originated in China in four thousands years ago ,so called

“Silk Queen”, “healthy fiber” and “health fiber” laudatory title

Belong to protein fiber, silk contains 18 kinds of beneficial to human body amino acid, can help skin maintain the membrane surface and can make the skin keep moist, smooth.

“It takes a silkworm 3 – 4 days to spin a cocoon around itself. Each silk filament is 600-900 meters long. 2,500 – 3,000 cocoons are used in making just one meter of woven silk fabric.”

Issued by Priya Tal in Quora ( India mum)

A thing is valued if it is rare.

Silk is well known as“the second layer of human skin”

Cheapest silk with good quality ? no ,that is not truth but a lie !

Welcome to join us to enjoy silk products by our professional channel.

To value silk products and keep fake one away !

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