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The Reason of People Fall in Love With Silk Products

Experience Love with the Finest Silk that Will Delight your Skin

Exquisitely crafted and fine quality silk is the ultimate luxury that can truly enhance the quality of your life. We provide you the ultimate delight, Silk Road, a rare and high quality variety produced in the Jiangnan central breeding base filled with mulberry fields using fine silkworm cocoons. Each leaf experiences an abundance of photosynthesis, which allows the silkworms to store up heaps of nutrients, along with obtaining all the essential trace elements from the healthy soil. This enables the luxurious silk to provide a lovably luxurious comfort, which will beguile your skin and lavish you with its softness.

Silk is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious fabrics for personal care, as it silky softness will graze every inch and cranny of your skin, providing an undeniable comfort. Its gentle touch will help your body relax as you enjoy a peaceful slumber.

Let’s take a look at some reasons that compel us to fall in love with silk:


Anti-Mite Benefits

Silk is referred as “the second layer of human skin” for its ability to provide a silky softness that is beguilingly luxurious, along with additional green health benefits. Its protective anti-mite effects keeps your skin free of all bacterial invasions.

If you have an overly sensitive skin type, silk is the ultimate gospel for it will help you get rid of those awful tiny red acne marks that refuse you to leave your body. It’s anti-mite and antibacterial properties help you prevent all kinds of skin allergies, protecting your youthfulness while you catch up on your beauty sleep.


Maximize your Beauty Sleep

We encourage the use of silk for bedding, particularly the bare sleep pro, so you can maximize your beauty sleep, allowing your body to truly relax and fight off all allergies. It offers a unique “sleep factor” with its luxurious comfort and enhanced lavishness, which is just what you need to get rid of all the exhaustion and fatigue you feel after a hard day at work.

Moreover, if you suffer the agonizing symptoms of insomnia, silk bedding will help you ditch those sedatives and enjoy a natural sleep. Furthermore, not only will your sleep be fulfilling but what’s more, you’ll wake up feeling energetic and active.


Eco-Friendly & Undeniably Comfy

Our 100% pure quality silk has undergone healthy active printing to provide healthy and luxurious comfort. We take strict measures to ensure active printing that is eco-friendly without using any stimulants whatsoever, which allows us to provide you non-fading silk that doesn’t contain any harmful substances or chemicals that may damage your skin.

This ensures our silk will graze your body with a silky softness and a beguiling comfort. It’s elegant and soft floral colour palettes won’t disappoint you by fading away.

We only select the highest quality cocoons that contain 100% pure silk with accurate acupuncture selection, which allows us to select the finest silkworms. Silk fibers are basically protein fibers, which gives them porous material permeability, a silk softness, and a fine quality that exudes charm. Its comfortable warmth is perfect for a snug cosiness on a cold night, giving your skin the ultimate touch of feather-like luxury.

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