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Why Stylish Men Should Own a Cashmere Scarf in 2019

Whether you’re into fashion or just want to treat your body to the best clothing in 2019, we have a great suggestion for you today (and you’ve probably seen it already in the heading of our guide!). Yes, we’re talking about cashmere scarves and why men should have one in their wardrobe this year. Often described as the ‘holy grail’ of clothing materials, cashmere has a number of benefits…and we’re going to explore them all today.

In this guide, you’re going to learn what cashmere is, the benefits of choosing cashmere, the difference between cashmere scarf men and pashmina scarf men, and why fashionable men around the world will be boasting cashmere scarves in 2019.

What’s Cashmere?

Offered in the luxury end of the market, cashmere is both soft and insulating for those colder days. As we’re going to explore a little later, the incredibly soft nature of cashmere means it’s gentle on the skin and won’t cause irritation (one of the biggest issues with regular scarves, right?). Despite the lack of itching, it still provides warmth and insulates to levels you probably didn’t know existed. Rather than wrapping yourself up in several layers, all you really need is an effective cashmere scarf.

In terms of origin, the material uses the underlayer of a goat’s coat (it has a soft, fleecy quality). As we know, animals are fantastic at evolving over time and adapting to their surroundings. For cashmere (Kashmir) goats, they’ve evolved to grow a fleecy coat in the winter to protect them from harsh winds. When summer rolls around this fleecy coat is shed and we can comb out the most important layers before it’s then spun and potentially dyed.

Why Choose Cashmere?

Now you know more about cashmere, what it is, and where it comes from, it’s time to get into the meat of this guide. Why should you choose cashmere? Why should stylish men own a men’s pure cashmere scarf?

Finishes Every Look

First and foremost, a scarf can go with near enough every look and this is the first reason why we’re suggesting a cashmere scarf today. Whether you’re dressing smart-casual for a party and want to couple it with a winter coat or perhaps you’re just wearing a shirt with suspenders, a cashmere scarf will be perfect for your needs.

Whatever style you’re going for and whatever the weather outside, a high-quality cashmere scarf is likely to finish the look and add a little character. Do you ever feel as though your outfits are lacking that something special? While some choose to spruce up their look with accessories or unique shoes, you can stand out with a scarf. Let’s not forget, scarves can also be worn in different ways so you can take advantage of this.

Different Styles

Especially with some fashionable cashmere scarves, having a different pattern on each scarf can bring a new lease of life to those who feel their wardrobe is getting a little outdated. Why spend hundreds (or even thousands) on a whole new wardrobe when you can inject some life with a couple of well-chosen scarves?

On the one hand, greys, whites, and light colours will go well with a simple scarf; perhaps one with blues and blacks. On the other, black jumpers can be paired with something a bit more daring whether it’s a red or a sky blue. If you really want to go into detail with your fashion in 2019, you might just find a cashmere scarf that brings out the colour of your eyes. With a simple black top, put a cashmere scarf over the top that features your eye colour and people WILL notice.

Effective Insulation

So far, while discussing cashmere scarf men, we’ve been looking at the style side of things. However, what about practicality? Compared to the wool from regular sheep, cashmere is said to insulate up to three times better. Before digging any deeper, we should discuss the difference between pashmina and cashmere because there are many common misconceptions surrounding this whole theme.

In truth, the difference between the two was much larger in the past. With pashmina, it comes from the word ‘pashm’ which, for the locals, is a word used to describe the inner layers of hair from specific goats. After being cleaned and then spun, this hair becomes what we know as ‘pashmina’. The main difference between cashmere and pashmina comes from the wool-producing goats…they differ. As well as different species producing the different wool, cashmere tends to be thicker and it’s also easier to spin. In the Western world, we often mistakenly use the two terms interchangeably but there are subtle differences. While shopping, look out for cashmere scarf men and pashmina scarf men.

It was important that we answered this question in this section because cashmere will be the more effective of the two at providing insulation. Since it’s thicker, you’ll be able to keep your upper half warm while everybody else is shivering away. Stylish men don’t want their look ruined by hopping up and down on the spot to stay warm, right?

Breathable Material

Considering how much we’ve been talking about how thick cashmere is and how warm you’ll be in even the coldest weather, you might be concerned about breathability. Are you going to start sweating within a couple of minutes? Well, the answer to this is ‘no’ because cashmere allows the body to breathe (thanks to the formation of the material). In the past, we’ve spoken to several people who have given up on scarves because they don’t like the synthetic materials causing itching, sweating, and overall discomfort. If you can relate to this, you could have a new solution with cashmere.

Great Weight

Before we head back to the fashion aspect of cashmere scarves, we should also explore the weight of them. Are cashmere scarves only suited to winter? Thanks to the weight of the scarf, they can be worn throughout the autumn transition and they’re even light enough to wear around the home whenever you fancy. The main point about cashmere is that it doesn’t add lots of bulk to your outfit, so it’s never a chore to wear the scarf.

Always on Trend

If you look back 5, 10, 25, and 50 years, you’re going to find people wearing and talking about cashmere in both men and women. Why? Because it’s a timeless classic that never goes out of date. While some trends stay for a while and then disappear, stylish men will be wearing cashmere scarves in 2019, 2025, and far beyond here too.

With a rotation of different scarves, the investment will quickly provide a return whether you’re attending a wedding, a party, or just wearing it on a day-to-day basis.

Not Distracting

With some accessories and ‘optional’ clothing, they end up taking away from the rest of the outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a formal shirt and tie, you don’t want anything to take away from your smart shoes, your pressed shirt, or your beautiful belt. With some scarves, the whole look can be ruined within seconds because they either clash or just distract from everything else. If you choose a cashmere scarf that blends nicely with the colours of your overcoat, you’ll turn heads for all the RIGHT reasons.

Care and Maintenance

‘If I wear the scarf frequently, isn’t it going to need lots of cleaning, maintenance, and general care?’. This is a common question when it comes to cashmere, but you won’t have to invest in expensive cleaning kits or have to deal with a smelly scarf. Instead, very limited care is required because the scarf is generally low maintenance. In our experience, the best way to clean a cashmere scarf is to hand wash it in warm water (not hot!). Once you’ve finished, lay it out on a towel and allow it some time to dry.

What about when you’re not using the scarf? We recommend keeping it folded somewhere it isn’t going to get damaged or bunched up. Alternatively, some like to store their cashmere scarf on a padded hanger in the wardrobe. Either way, you need to treat it with some care otherwise it’ll soon lose shape and the stunning finish we expect from cashmere will disappear.

Simple Colour Guide

As we’ve already discovered, cashmere scarf men can suit any look…but what does this mean? Which pattern or colours should you choose for specific outfits? First things first, your cashmere scarf should be the last thing to add to your wardrobe because it’s easier to fit the scarf around your wardrobe than the other way around (who wants to spend hundreds of pounds just to buy shirts and sweaters that match a scarf?).

Therefore, we recommend assessing your wardrobe before going out and ordering a cashmere scarf. If the clothes you wear are quite pale in nature, try a cashmere with pastel colours because this will add a little character to your sartorial choices. If you normally wear dark colours, a bright scarf will create a juxtaposition and it brings everything to life.

If you don’t want to buy a solid-colour scarf, the next step would be to look at the different patterns available. Of course, there will be some extravagant cashmere scarves that offer patterns unsuitable for work and other professional settings. In the image above, however, we find the perfect balance between casual and smart. With a combination of three colours, they all draw the eye for different reasons and contribute to the look. While the beige blends in with the jacket and immediately binds the two together, the blue and black provide an interesting contrast. If the scarf were cream all the way through, it would look a little dull so having these darker colours, with the lighter jacket, is a brilliant move.


When it comes to men cashmere scarf, we’re sure you can tell our stance – we LOVE them. As you may have noticed in our guide here today, they can be brilliant additions to a wardrobe not only for stylistic reasons but also because of the warmth they provide, the benefits you’ll experience for your skin, and more.

With a men pure cashmere scarf, all the preconceptions (and misconceptions) you have will quickly disappear. If you’ve been thinking there’s an opportunity cost with scarves – style for comfort – this isn’t the case. Thanks to this luxuriously soft material, the skin around your neck won’t be irritated and you can be confident in your style.

Thanks for reading our guide, feel free to continue your research by looking at the various styles, colours, and patterns available within this wonderful niche!

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