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Shanxi Bogeda wool industrial co.,Ltd (Head office)

Shen Zhen Rose cashmere knitting wear co.,ltd

Our Head office was founded in 2006 in Shanxi province, mainly deal with Cashmere fleece from the Inner Mongolia & Xingjiang province .we set up a factory in Shanghai since 2007.

Our shanghai Rose factory is specializing in making cashmere or wool, silk blended cashmere products, such as: cashmere yarn, (mainly export to Nepal), cashmere shawl scarf ,cashmere sweater etc

our products mainly exported to Europe & Japan

Since the demand of business expanding ,we recently build up the Shenzhen Rose cashmere knitting wear company ,for which mainly work with our partner factory of silk dresses locate in shenzhen city, South china, where is near by the Hongkong!

 Our Philosophy 

Growth through strategic

“ Love without border, fashion without border “

We are following China Vows in Boao forum for Asia :

“To create benefits locally and globally “

With a decade of experience under our belt as manufacturing specialists of cashmere, silk, woolen knitted clothing and customized men’s shirts, we not only strive to provide high quality clothing to you but we also go-all-out in establishing your e-commerce retail business.

Our organizational group extends its functions throughout the biggest trading factories  in the Asian region which include China, Nepal, Thailand and India.

For wholesalers, importers and nascent entrepreneurs, we resolve to provide high quality products with cutting edge fashion designs and guaranteed impeccable finishing for all high quality clothing for support your middle class marketing .

Our aim is to deliver minimal hassle in integrating your e-commerce store with our products for easy testing of your stock management store in your local market. No need to worry if you don’t have an online business setup for your brand. We will ensure that your online shop is launched in a seamless and hundred percent hassle-free with apt integration and configuration of quality products.

All in all, we make every effort to not only be your factory vendors that provide world-class quality products making but also work hand-to-hand as your e-commerce partners in establishing and taking off your online shop from the ground; support you become one of biggest cashmere and silk ,even customize Men suit seller in your local country !